Living Green Wall

A Private Vertical Garden/Living Green Wall by Jahkomo

We had the pleasure of engaging with the Urban Farming Institute and a local Assisted Living Facility to design a living green wall, or better known as a vertical garden for the benefit of residents, guest, staff, and owner.

We wanted to assist in transforming a narrow outdoor space with a small budget where residents, while relaxing outside, could admire a quant vertical garden piece.

Through research and planning, we decided on a planting plan that would work best for the residents, facility staff, climate, and is easy to maintain.

Working within a low-budget, special consideration was made to source economical plant species that are low-light efficient and extremely water conscience.

Jahkomo likes to call this a Floral Tapestry which emphasizes a variety of forms unlike a painting or similar type of work which is fixed and unchanging.

As being a complex flora composition that is reconstructed into a ‘floral’ painting. And just like a traditional work of art, the residents of the ALF can come within close, direct contact with the vertical garden. Because of the vertical position of the living wall, it parallels the aspect of the viewer.

The vertical plant wall was designed to face the observer directly to have a complete view of the overall plant composition similar to a painting.

The Jahkomo Living Wall was designed to give the viewer an overall perspective the of the plant wall less the direct focal point. So, the viewers focus of attention may be drawn either upward, downward or to their particular senses.

With this configuration, Jack M. Macaluso, the landscape and garden designer, offers the viewer of his work the complete freedom to choose where he or she will devote their attention and interest.

The variety and living nature of this piece lends itself to stun the viewer with respect for nature and the beauty it exhibits.

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Oncidiums ‘Sharry Baby’ by Chris Cares’ Orchids
Davallia fejeensis
Nephrolepis biserrata – Macho Fern
Asplenium viride Huds. – Sleenwort
Pteris ensiformis ‘Evergemiensis’ – Variegated Brake Fern
Selaginella uncinata
Alocasia gageana
Tradescantia pallid
Setcreasea purpurea – Purple Queen
Peperomia argyreia
Scindapsus pictus ‘Argyraeus’ – Satin Pothos


Vai.Flow Drip.Drop System
Automatic Irrigation